Good Green Fun - Children's toys and clothes recycling, Stirling, Scotland

Open Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm . Saturday 10 am - 4 pm. Tel: 01786 849216

About Us


Good Green Fun is is a registered charity (SC043117). It is run by a small but dynamic team of staff and volunteers, all of whom are passionate about making a difference in their local area. It was launched in 2007, when founders Helen MacIntyre and Eric Walker realised how many children’s items were ending up in landfill. Read our mission statement.

It is estimated that around 40 million toys are discarded annually, along with unthinkable amounts of prams, cots, clothes, books, toys and videos. Many of these items are not biodegradable, or degrade very slowly, so remain in landfill, polluting our environment for many years to come. However, many of them still have a lot of life left in them and can be enjoyed by someone else.

Bringing up a child can be an extremely expensive process, with current estimates suggesting that it costs on average over £200,000 to raise a child (view article)! With soaring prices and the nation's pocket really starting to feel the pinch, it made sense to make use of all the aforementioned discarded children's items to help support local families.


Good Green Fun is a registered charity (number SC043117). It is our goal to be completely self sufficient (ie - to not depend on funding to cover our running costs). This helps to make us a sustainable and secure service for the community. The money raised through sales in our shop are used to cover the considerable running costs of the service. At present, GGF is just covering its running costs but, in the future, any profits that are not needed to further develop the service will be donated to local children's charities.

We are keen to donate to small, lesser known local charities or community groups, which may receive little other funding. We have already made some small donations and we would love to hear your suggestions for other causes, so please email us your ideas.